Sunday, January 15, 2012

Basic Keyboarding Skills

Because of the ever changing and upgrading of operating systems, using software for typing/keyboarding only works for a short while.  I no longer use software for this.

For young ones I use:

BBC - Dance Mat Typing

For the older students:

Teaching Household Words

Learning vocab words is great, but do kids learning English know what a bathtub is, or a sink?

This isn't all inclusive, but this site from Starfall is great for teaching some basic household words, as well as words about different parts of their bodies (heads, legs, feet, hands, etc.).

It's All About Me

Building Vocabulary

Fuzzy Lion Ears

Alphabet Soup

Rhyming Words

More from PBS:

CH -

Hard C -

N -

ood, ook -

or, ore -

From Scholastic:

Reggie the Rhyming Rhino

From other sources:

Roy The Zebra


Matching Sounds

PBS Kids is fantastic for basic literacy.  Be sure to explore the site for all kinds of different learning exercises.


Long And Short Vowel Sounds

Starfall is another fantastic site to help with the basic phonetic reading, but they've also added some things for math as well.  be sure to browse around if you've never used this site:

Learn To Read

Putting Words in Alphabetical Order

Earobics is a fantastic company designed with online software to help readers develop their phonetic skills.  Some students may have hearing or speech impairments that make this more difficult, these people are also great at working with these issues.

Putting words in alphabetical order:

Alphabet Websites

Learning the Roman Letters of the alphabet used in the U.S. English language can be daunting.  It's even more difficult if the student comes from a country using non-Roman letters.  Here are some sites to help:

ABC Match

Matching the Upper case letters with the Lower case letters:

PawPark from GooGames

Mousing Skills Practice

The school I work at serves disadvantaged children.  Many of these students come to the school (particularly in kindergarten) not knowing how to use a mouse.

These are some web sites that can help with improving those "mousing skills".

This second site also helps children learn how to listen and follow instructions, as well as practice their mousing skills: