Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Welcome to my educational technology blog. There is so much going on with the field of educational technology that I thought I'd start this to see where it leads.

I'll be posting things that I've done over the last 5 years as well as things others have done.

I work at a K-8 Title 1 public school, running the computers. I am not a fully certified teacher, I am certified as a substitute and am employed as a classified staff member. The campus is primarily using Apple Computers, so pretty much everything I'll be talking about will be based on Macs.

I also use one at home, as it helps me to try things out for the teachers and students.

In the course of a school year I use for projects:

Mac OSX Snow Leopard
iLife 09 (I now have v. 11 on my home computer)
MS Office For Mac 2008

I have used iWork, however as the computers for high school are Windows, I've not taught it.

For hardware I've used:

MacBooks and MacBook Pros
Mac Minis
Smartboard® Interactive Whiteboards & Airliners
AverMedia Document Cameras
And a whole variety of different projectors and printers.

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